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Searching for a new look for your kitchen? Confused about what is best and effective for your kitchen? Here, you came to the right place.

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen or just want to add some classy look to your old design, you might be considering many ideas for the new look with a considerate amount of money. The two most less expensive ideas are refacing and painting. Other than that replacement is the option that includes the removal of cabinets and layout. In a way, your entire kitchen accessories are being replaced by an all-new one which costs you a bit high.

Both painting and refacing have their positive and negative sides. The choice is yours with whom you want to go. It does not only depend upon your choice but also on the condition of your kitchen cabinetry. Have a brief look at your kitchen and then decide what method suits your kitchen the best or you can hire our workers to resolve this issue. Our professionals are well trained to get your issue sorted out. If replacement is a must, then don’t waste your money on refacing or painting, but if things are not that bad you can go with kitchen refacing or painting. Still, confused? Okay so let’s do a Cabinet refacing vs cabinet painting for making things clearer to you.

What exactly cabinet refacing is?

Refacing is nothing but just like covering your books with a new covering sheet without changing or replacing the inner framework. Similarly refacing focuses on replacing the outer-facing hardware of your cabinet. The inner framework and shelves remain the same, only you are getting new doors, hinges, and fixtures.

If you are satisfied with your existing layout and with the space you have, the only thing you want is a new fresh look. So refacing is for you. Your refaced cabinets will have new drawers, hinges, and a beautiful atmosphere to breathe in.

The prime goal of refacing is changing your cabinet’s general look that is still in good structural shape only because you are tired of looking at it.

How refacing works

Our contractors in Oakville provide services of cabinet refacing. However, you can also perform the procedure easily at home, using the DIY method by just investing in a good veneer kit containing all sorts of tools and application materials. The process goes this way:

Doors of the cabinets are removed; the fronts and side-skins of the drawers are removed without touching the interior.
Then the front of the cabinets is covered with wood veneer or melamine-based product.
Cabinet sides are entirely covered with wood veneers.
Door hinges are added.
Cabinet doors and front of drawers are fixed.
Other accessories are added if needed in the first place.
A good cabinet refacing professional would hardly take two-four days for completing the whole procedure. If you are doing it on your own, it might take two to three extra days or nearly a week in addition.

Now, what is cabinet painting?

It is simply a painting procedure just like painting your home. Similarly repainting something to give it a fresh look. It is a much easier process than refacing, like all you need to do is grab a paintbrush, choose a perfect color and start painting. But sometimes painting is not enough for your kitchen cabinets. Painted cabinets often fade away over time, when you clean them. They easily got peeled off, flaked or fade away.

Also painted cabinets are more prone to attract dust and other contamination. So, keep this thing in mind, after painting your cabinets, you need to be more cautious and have to clean them on regular basis.

Rather than the fact that you can paint your cabinets very easily by yourself, it is not that easy as it seems. Painting on your increases the chances of streaky, blotchy and uneven looks. You will not be getting the proper design as you desired. So, we don’t recommend you to do so. Other than that, we provided cabinet painting professionals situated in Toronto and Vaughan, whom you can easily contact for your need.

Overall match between cabinet refacing and cabinet painting:

Cabinet refacing

Refacing is replacing the front-facing doors of your cabinet with a new one.
Refacing gives your cabinet an entirely new look
Refacing can be done when your cabinet condition is worse
Refacing can cost you a little bit more than the painting.
Refacing can cost you a little bit more than the painting.
Refacing is long-lasting.

Cabinet painting

Painting is to paint your cabinet to refresh or change the color.
Painting gives your existing cabinet a fresh look
Painting can be done when the structural framework is good.
Painting is more budget-friendly.
Paint can fade away over time and needs proper maintenance.

Coming to the last part.

At the end of the day, it totally depends on you and your kitchen’s condition for choosing between cabinet refacing or cabinet painting. Both are effective ways to get a good environment, make sure which one your kitchen requires the most. Moreover, if you are still confused about it, you can contact us and get yourself the professionals to sort out your issue.

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