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People really have an emotional bond and sensation with their kitchen. And why not? This is where surprises come from. Also, it is the reason why most of the moms/wives become so picky about the kitchen.

This also applies when you are about to get your house renovated. And, when it’s the kitchen’s turn, we all want our kitchens to be top-notch. Why? Because it also implies the overall taste and personality of the owner. You would not want anyone to think bad about your kitchen, and you also want to feel good whenever you walk inside the kitchen. Thus, it is great if you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen.

However, one thing that keeps popping up is kitchen refacing vs kitchen painting or cabinet painting vs cabinet refacing (the one we talked about earlier). Which option is best?

Well, it completely depends on your budget, mood, and the quality you want for your kitchen. For some of you, refacing can be the choice, while others would want painting.

So, we have compared both of them and told their pros and cons to give you an in-depth detail and to make it an easy choice for you.

Let’s have a look.

Kitchen Refacing

As its name suggests, it is about changing the face of your kitchen cabinets. It includes doors, handles and holders of the kitchen cabinets.

It does not include the replacement of the whole cabinets but gives you a chance to be creative with whatever you want on the front.

In this case, people can get selective with the doors, holders and handles and choose from an array of options. They can either replace their steel doors with wooden ones or choose a different layout or design for them.

Another benefit of refacing is that you get a chance to save a lot of money that you might have to spend on the replacement. This also saves you from frustration because it can be done in a matter of days. The reason is, you are not disturbing any plumbing or wiring that works through the kitchen.

Conclusively, the framework of your kitchen stays the same, and the changes are only made on the outer hardware.

Kitchen Painting

This one is pretty clear, and it is only about the Kitchen Painting Services and re coloring of the kitchen. It totally depends on what you need for your kitchen and cabinets. This process is cheaper than kitchen refacing, but there are other pros and cons to it.

For instance, Kitchen painting often leads to more issues like it attracts dirt and smudges, and you have to clean it more often. Likewise, it is not long-lasting because paint can reduce with time.

On the other hand, this process is pretty easy, and you can do it yourself if you are good at DIY paintings and got the right skill set. However, if you are not capable, then please it would help if you hire professionals for the job.

Which One Is Better?

Well, it completely depends on your budget, mood and the outlook you want for your kitchen. Although you can also ask experts to give you proper advice on what will go well with your kitchen, we have also done a little comparison for you to make it easier.

Quality Comparison

If we look at the painting, it is not long-lasting as the refacing is because it will require maintenance and can fade away over time.
On the other hand, refacing is better because it replaces the doors and handles of your cabinets which will last as new ones.
However, if you want a fresh look with less cost and effort, then painting is not a bad option for you.

Cost Comparison

If we look at the costs, kitchen painting is less costly than kitchen refacing.
On the other hand, painting cannot give the best results if the doors are broken or worn out. Thus, if you are looking for something really new for the old or broken cabinet doors, then refacing is the best option for you.

Looks Comparison

There’s no need for me to say that refacing is looks wise better. The reason is, it changes the front hardware of your cabinets, and you can choose the look you want.
Besides, In painting, you are only limited with colors and shades, but you cannot play with layout and design to do wonders.

Final Words

In the end, it all depends on your mood and budget. There is nothing best or worse in both of them. So, choose anything wisely, or you can ask for expert help.

One thing that you might have to consider is that you have to hire professionals for both jobs because things can go sideways.

We Will Help

At Kitchen Made New we do the best painting and refacing at reasonable rates. Also, if you still need any help on choosing the perfect fit for your kitchen, then give us a call right now Get your kitchen refacing in Mississauga!

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